question on scratching

is there a difference between scratch mixers and normal mixers? what do scratch mixers do that differ from normal mixers?

and one more question on mixers and tts...
will all of them hook up to your computer?
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oXc what do you mean "normal" mixer????
a mixer is a mixer
scratch mixers usually have only 2 volume faders or channels for quicker mixing and shorter distance between tt's while performing tricks.
However there are larger mixers that can be used for scratching. Larger mixers with more volume faders may accomodate more inputs allowing you to run more tt's or cd decks. and i'm not sure if you can hook a tt or a cd player into your computer. possibly into a sound card with inputs but it's not a wise move. TT's need to be grounded.

oXc what is your background in DJ'ing??? you seem to have a lot of questions that most people would assume to be basic knowledge.
Actually, that is a good question. There is a big difference between scratch mixers and normal mixers. Yes, you can choose which mixer would best suit you as far as size and other variables. But, when it comes to scratching, you want a mixer that is built to be scratched on. For instance, you want to make sure the mixer has an optical crossfader that is adjustable,so you do not have to slide it as far over to turn the record on. This is called a crossfader curve feature. The fader on the mixer should slide effortlessly. You should be able to blow it across. Some mixers ,like most gemini's, require a sledge hammer to push it accross. If you want to battle, you probably won't want a mixer larger than 10 inches wide. This will enable to beat juggle must faster. Also, some of the newer mixers(I know this an American Dj forum but I am going to mention the Vestax) enable you to also adjust the crossfader curve on the volume controls. Scratch mixers also allow you to press a button or flip a switch to change the crossfader to normal or reverse(hamster)mode. Hope this answered some of your questions.

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