Hey I was just wondering from where I can buy this CD, I mean can you find it in any music shop, or in specialized shops ? A friend of mine lives in San Francisco and is supposed to get me the sample CD and send it to me. From where can he buy the CD??
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Dj CroZ FaDer

Save your money on the Scratch Traxx #1 CD. Honestly it's not that good. The beats (first 30) tracks sound like they were created with an el'cheapo Casio keyboard you buy from a toy shop. I thought they were going to be more "Battle" or street oriented beats but was very disappointed when I heard every single track.
For example you could do much better with a Roland DR202 and be royalty free.
The scratch samples (rest of the CD) are very average indeed. I was expecting more classical sounding samples. They sounded more like uncle "Bob and his missus" with a bunch of farm tools and a microphone, very disappointing.

I realise you cannot just copy someone elses samples but at least more effort could of been put into making them sound street/battle and scratch worthy. I hope the next CD will be improved.

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Thx for your reply Dj Roq. My problem is that I urgently need samples to scratch on on Cd. I have a few samples I downloaded from the internet, but it's not that good. The thing is that I live in Lebanon (Middle East) and that there are no real Dj shops where you can find some stuff. I've got some battle vinyls with excellent samples but it would be complicated to record from vinyl to my computer and then burn everything back to a CD. This is why I was wondering from where I could get some good scratching samples and beats. If anyone knows a site on the net or something, I would really appreciate it. Thx in advance.

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