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Hi there, I have been trying to find out a bit more about how the multi fixture part of this controller works with chases etc and even the manual doesn't seem to say :

e.g. when you have fixtures on channels 1,5,9,13 and you have more than one selected :

1) What does "auto mode" actually do?
2) When the chases run, do they have all the fixtures the same colour, e.g. all blue then all orange, or is there a way to make them alternate so they are blue/orange, orange/blue
3) Likewise does the RGB fade option fade all the lights in sync, or can you make the fade spread out across the fixtures selected.

I can't seem to find this information anywhere. If you cant do these things, then there's not a lot of point being able to separately address the lights Wink

Any help much appreciated if anyone has one of these controllers.

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