I have the wifly QA bar 12 light, and it has suddenly gone a bit strange on me. I am unable to access the menu by pressing the mode down all the time. Sometimes I can access it but it the locks up normally on the colour macro setting,

If I am lucky enough to get past that and manage to enable The wifly and set the correct dmx channels it doesn’t pick anything up and the display just flashes on and off displaying the dmx address.


My other two of these lights work fine, I have done a reset also I have set the address to the same as one iof the others with no luck

Please can you advise,


Thank you


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Hello, it looks as though it may be something our service team will have to look into. Before that I do want to check if there is a specific setting selected that could be causing the wifly to not work correctly. 

If you can try to get to the OTHER setting assuming the Mode button allows you to, and go to the RF setting. Try setting it to RF OFF if it isn't already set, that should make it so that your wifly setting works.

As for getting the Mode button to function normally it will need to be serviced it sounds like since there isn't a reset or anything for that button. You can send in an email to rma@adj.com to request a RMA number to have the unit serviced if you would like.

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