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Can someone tell me which channels tyhese are associated with and how you activate them.

I'm trying to get my SDJ1 to work with them.

So far all that happens is that when you turn the VMS4 on, both players on the SDJ1 start playing regardless of what channel they are connected to and what level the fader is at.

Reducing the fader does not stop/reset the track either.

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Q-start depends on which channels are assigned to the crossfader, and the Normal/Reverse switch swaps the Q-start outputs.

For the Q-Start outputs Q-start left and Q-start right:

XF Left assigned sound turns off = Q-start left CUE/PAUSE
XF Left assigned sound turns on = Q-start left PLAY
XF Right assigned sound turns off = Q-start right CUE/PAUSE
XF Right assigned sound turns on = Q-start right PLAY

The key to making it work is make sure that the channels you want to work with Q-start are assigned to the crossfader.

Hope this helps.

@Cornelius: How would you want the Q-Start to work? Be specific.

If it's 2 channel permanently assigned to the crossfader then linking to the channels is trivial.

However with the VMS4 being 4 channel how would you want to set up the Q-Starts? MIDILOG 1 and MIDILOG2 for the left and MIDILOG3 and MIDILOG4 for the right? I was just concerned it might get confusing if the crossfader assignments didn't match.


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