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Hi everyone,
I bought a PS2 from California - USA. When I came to my country ( Turkey ) and opened the box there is a big surprise for me. The PS2 doesn't work properly. When I insert the cd strange noises come from inside of the machine and when I press the scratch button ( also echo button ) a digital noise comes and sometimes creaking sound comes during the playback. Today I went to a dj shop and he told me American Audio products usually do that kind of thinks. Is it true ? Are there anyone have that kind of problem? And also please help me what I have to do. I bought it from a authorize dealer in USA and came to Turkey without trying. Now I am in Turkey and don't know If there are any technical service. Is my warranty valid in Turkey? Waiting for help. By the way Merry Christmas everyone
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Originally posted by terry:
[qb] I am not using a adaptor. Today I looked for it but the thing I only found was without a ground. I bought a new cable with a ground thing but nothing changed it is still same and there is still no mail from American Audio Tech Dept. [/qb]
Did your PS2 come with a cord that only has 2 prongs? Confused Or was one broken off??? The plug for the PS2 comes as a standard with 3 prongs. If it doesn't have all 3 you can try a "standard" PC cable. The only reason I asked about the adapter is, because I was not sure if the outlets in Turkey were the same as in the US.
No it comes with 3 prongs thats why I looked for adaptor.'Cos in my country it must be with 2 prongs. But the electricians told me there are no adaptor for this with ground stuff in Turkey. So I am using a normal PC cable since it has come. But nothing has changed. It is strange that all the things like hot cues, flash starts, pitch are working but the wheel with effects. By the way still no mail from the tech dept. It might come to you funny but Is it still holiday for Christmas?
It's not that funny, but many people in the US usually take vaction from right before X-mas until after New Years. The reason your jog wheel does not function properly, is because the unit must be grounded or the touch sensitivity will not function properly. It is stated in the manual. I am sorry, but you were prbably better off getting a PSX, or ProScratch 1, since they don't use the touch sensative technology. Try calling tech support at this number 1-800-322-6337 and ask for Joey. They may have a work around for this for other countries. I am not sure though.

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