At first I was upset with my new PS2's, but I kept practicing and got the hang of them. They are the best on the market. Period! Next time I will post a video with me using them. Yo Skilz, thanks for telling me to give them a chance. I kept practicing until I was better on them than my 1200's. Is there any DJ battles/competitions for cd turntables?
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Actually i am pleased to hear that you are enjoying your PS2's. Every equipment is better once you know how to use it. Thats why Talent is the best thing in the world. Many people think these days that the Equipment is supposed to make the DJ good... But it's really the DJ making the Equipment sound good.
Well not to be disrespectful, but I was wondering how long it was going to take to get a little mix going on. I made that suggestion in my thread "cd's vs. tt's", now that thread is basically comedy central. I just made the suggestion of cd's vs. tt's, but the people who support pio.. think they are better. Everytime I see this comment I have to stop and ask them what makes the cd player better. I really can't wait to see the video. I'll have a copy for sure. Peace. Cool
well, Hate to change topic........But I have a question. Is it just me or is anyone else having a problem with the tempo lock? When I use it, it gives a little gurgling sound in the background. Please let me know if you have this problem to.....Oh yeah, other than that they hittin!

Whats up bro... Thanks for posting, and Welcome to the Forum. About the Tempo Lock, we know exactly what needs to be done. It's a very simple fix, and we would love to take care of it for you ASAP. Please call 1800-333-0644, and ask for DannyC. He will tell you exactly what needs to be done, and you'll be on your way to Tempo Heavan. Thanks
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[qb]Hey is this quick fix something that can be shared on the thread? I don't have the problem, but for future knowlegde it may come in handy. Cool [/qb]

Yes it's a super quick fix, in fact it's so quick skilz told you how to do it, call customer service!!
I have a question for DJ Skilz, I like your mixing, but were you scratching loops that were recorded onto the CD Player, or were you scratching CDs? And is the Pro Scratch 2 like a turntable, were the scratching depends on the type of record? Can you scratch on recorded sample and add sound effects to it?
selecta he wasn't scratching loops, what you were hearing was the beat juggle feature, every time you touch the platter the disc returns to the set cue point and plays when you let go, you can scratch in this mode as well. The songs were on CD, and the Pro Scratch 2 is a digital turntable, not the same as an analog turntable, but it has many more features than that of any turntable. You have to get used to the scratching, cause it's not an analog turntable, but with some practice and patience you will get the hang of it.
It's been two days and I gotta say it.AAAAHHWWWWW the caffiene.......I gotta say goes......PS2's ARE THE BOMB.....YEAH BABY....THE BOMB....YEAH....WOOOOOHOOOOOO....PS2'S ARE THE BOMB..... Big Grin ......OOPs I think my neighboor saw me.... Big Grin .....ps2's are the bomb..... Big Grin Big Grin ....YEAH baby... Cool
I used the PS2's in the club this weekend and you know what???????????????????????The PS2's ARE THE BOMB.........YEAHHHHHH BABY......WOOOOHHHOOOOOOOO......I can't wait til next weekend......aaawwww man. This weekend is the first time I did my scratching in the club instead of just practicing at home. Aaaawwwww man. I had to school this one guy, he had the nerve to ask me are those the Pio....players.....why did he say that point those two pepsi's kicked in (ran out of Redbull) and well he got an ear full. I have to say I did run into one small problem Frowner one of my players stop working for about 15 minutes because the club was so hot and I had no air circulation in the booth. I guess I should have seen it coming when I ended up in full sweat after setting up Roll Eyes . The player snapped right back and boom it was on again. It's all good, I'm still happy. I' have to get a small fan if not for players, for me, can't let people see you sweat. Big Grin Cool
IT'S a busy weekend. Tonight I have a wedding reception. Then tomorrow and Sunday back in the club. Time for some party party......Gotta get more caffiene....I'm slowing down.....can't...stop.....must keep .....going....PEPSI.....Alright. PS2's baby....yeahhhhhh baby....... Big Grin Big Grin Eeker Eeker Cool
I do not think that the velocity could outdo the PS2 in the regards of turntablism. Having to reach over the mixer and play with the fader at the same time seems like a hassle. I think that for battling/ttism 2 PS2s beats the Velocity. But now, if we look into the Velocity for the club scene, or the mobile scene... then it's a whole different ball game.

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