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Ok... so it's saturday and offices don't open till monday.

Here's the deal: when I power up the ps2 effect buttons filter/phase and trans/pan are both halfway lit up with the red led. if I press (and hold) the filter button they both light up red all the way, if I press (and hold) the trans button the lights go away, when I let go of either button the dim red on them comes back.

Now this happened before a long time ago, but I managed to press enough buttons so that it fixes itself. But now the problem seems to be coming back... and I can't seem to press buttons to get it back to normal. I have pressed so many combination of buttons that even the yellow leds light up...

Now, you would think that there is something wrong with the leds... but the catch is, it doesn't work when this happens.

Can someone tell me what's wrong with it, and why I have the worst luck out of any other costumer??? Frowner Frowner Frowner
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ok... I got myself out of it again, this time I actually made sure I knew what buttons I pressed to get it back to normal.

Well, to fix it I had to get the fx select button to be green, and then I pressed and held the scratch effects button and then I pressed the filter button.

Even though I managed to fix it this time, I don't really appreciate it doing this on me, so any help would be much thanked.
Woahhhhh that is a problem. You shouldn't have to be pressing or holding combination buttons to get to normal operation. If I were you I'd call tech support ASAP, it sounds like you have a potential internal power supply problem. The LEDs that light up the effects buttons are the type that the colour output depends on the voltage it is supplied. If the power supply to the LEDs is faulty or intermittent as you described then you have a problem, it should be only GREEN or RED not orange or any other color.

ROQ out.

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