I hope I can explain this properly, as I am pretty uneducated in this department.

I set light scenes for my church, and I usually use the position effect and the curve effect to get a good movement scene, with the lights cutting in and out.

So with that said, here's my problem, and I'm just curious if there is something that I am doing wrong. I have a stagnant light scene until certain parts of the song, so when I hit the next scene to cue the movement, it is really sudden to begin with. The actual movement is fine, but that first initial scene change makes the lights snap into place to begin the scene.

Is there any way for me to program the lights to start moving from the place of the stagnant light scene instead of starting from a different spot and moving from there?

I hope this makes sense. I could probably provide a link to our live stream if needed.
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I think I understand your question...I am the drama sponsor at a high school and we use Mydmx and love it. We have some moving head lights (Inno Spot Pros) and when we started using them we were having similar issues. Our work around is making a copy of the scene before it. Add the movement to the position you want but turn off the shutter or dimmer so that it moves into place during the scene previous to when it is needed.

So basically you move the fixture before in the scene before you need it so that it is in place and ready, making the transition much smoother.

Sometimes it becomes easier to program backwards through the steps so you can utilize the position of where they are at.

Hope that helps?

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