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I replied to an earlier post with this request, but you evidently didn't see it.

You made me a new profile for my Chauvet Q Spot and it works now. You said something about making it in .ssl instead of .ssl2

You also sent me the Chauvet Intimidator Scan LED 300 with the original Q-Spot, but I'm having the same problem. Can you send me one for the Intimidator made with the same editor as the Q-Spot you sent me.
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Thanks Jingles,

With the original profiles, a couple colors were empty. Specifically, red did not show up. I know split colors aren't supported, but this was solid red. When you gave me the .ssl profile versus .ssl2(I think is what you called it), I couldn't get the red to show up.

One more favor please. Today I purchased 2 Chauvet Intimidator Spot 350 LED Moving Heads. Would you be so kind as to make me a profile for them. It should be the last for a while because now I'm broke.

Thanks for everything. You're a life saver!!
Which profiles didn't have the right color?
Also since my dmx uses only .ssl forget whatever I said about .ssl2. .ssl2 won't work with my dmx. But if you are editing any profiles in the scan library editor and when you go to save you see a option for .ssl2 don't use it. I think that is all I had said about it.
I don't have a profile made for the 350 yet. Please send me a link to the PDF and let me know what channel mode you want and I can make it for you.

Can you advbise if there are any profiles for the new showtec led range of moving heads. If not would it be possible to make a fixture profile.

I require a fixture profile for the following lights:-

Showtec Phantom 25 LED spot

Showtech Phantom LED wash

Showtec Phantom 50 LED spot

details and the pdf manual of the 25 led spot are here:-

showtec phantom 25 led spot

showtech phantom 25 led wash

showtec phantom 50 led spot

There are full manuals on the site that give full details of the dmx channels for the above fixtures. Can be found under the document download tab on each of the above links.

Thank you in advance.

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