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I purchased 12 uplights from China and would like to request a mydmx 2.0 profile on Mac:

CH1- 0- No Action
1-255- RGBAW+UV dimmer

CH2- 0-4- No Action
5-255- Strobe from slow to fast

CH3- 0-50- No Action
51-100- Color Jump
101-200 Color Dimmer
201-255 Sound Active

CH4- 0- No Action
1-255- Speed from slow to fast

CH5- 0- No Action
1-255- Red Dimmer

CH6- 0- No Action
1-255- Green Dimmer

CH7- 0- No Action
1-255- Blue Dimmer

CH8- 0- No Action
1-255- White Dimmer

CH9- 0- No Action
1-255- Amber Dimmer

CH10- 0- No Action
1-255- UV Dimmer

Thank you in advance!

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Hey James,

I think I may have screwed something up by both e-mailing you AND posting the profile request. It looks like you created the profile for 6 channel mode that was in the e-mail. I would like the profile for 10 channel mode that I posted on this thread. I've tried the profile you posted and channel 1 controls red, channel 2 controls green, 3 controls blue, 4 controls white, 5 amber, and 6 UV...and 7 thru 10 don't do anything. I'm just guessing but by looking at the traits in the manual those correspond with 6 channel mode. Let me know if I'm missing something though. Thanks!
Hi Nando, the profile was made for 10 channels, just because the last three of the profile don't do anything, doesn't mean the profile is wrong, a profile cannot make the light not work, its just presenting DMX channels and data in a easy to understand format for you, bet you 5 bucks you didn't put your light into 10 channel mode on the lights menu system. Big Grin

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