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Hi, I have a problem with mydmx 3.0. I have the April 2019 version installed. The show I had previously works perfectly but when putting a new chauvet luminaire (intimidator scan 110) it does not work in live mode. I have downloaded the library from and installed and edited it without problem. Everything works correctly in edit mode but when switching to live mode the luminaire does not work in all scenes. It's weird because in some scene it works well, but in most it doesn't work. In edit mode I have selected the scene where I wanted to incorporate the new luminaire and edited with the faders until I got what I wanted. Then I went to live mode and it didn't work. can you help me? If you need more information ask for it

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Hi, I think the intensity control and the output are fine. I send you some photos so you can see the configuration, in case there is an error.

The first photo is of a scene in edit mode in which the intimidator works well, the second is a scene in edit mode in which the luminaire works well (you can see it in green color).

the third photo is from the same scene as the first photo but in live mode (in which the intimidator works well), the fourth is from the same scene as the second photo but in live mode (in which the luminary don’t work And don’t have color in the 3D).



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