Yes thats right.. the PRO SCRATCH 2 was showed for the first time ever at the NAMM SHOW. I will find a picture to post here once i can get one taken.

Here's a little info:

NEW FEATURES (since Pro-Scratch1):
• PowerTouch Wheel: Touch sensitive interactive jog wheel
• Digital Scratching 2.0 ( Amazing Accurate Scratching)
• 2 Scratching modes: Digital Scratch mode, Beat Juggle mode
• 9 On-board FX: Scratch, Filter, Echo, Trans, Skid, Phase, Flanger,
Pan, Bop
• 4 Preset Parameters settings for each FX Which will give you a total of 32 effects.
• Tempo Lock (Master Tempo)
• Lock out mode (Security feature)
• Parameter Ratio adjustment knob
• Parameter Time adjustment knob
• Pitch Bend: �4%, �8%, or �16%
• “Hyper” Pitch (up to +100% or -100%)
• 3 Flash Start Sampler Buttons (7 second sample per button with or
without a CD in drive)
• Flash Cue

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Ok Skilz, now that the "cat is out of the bag" on the PS2 will American Audio still be releasing the EPROM update/fix for the PS1 or do we have to fork out for new PS2's now?

I don't mean to be cynical but I've already burnt a huge hole in my life savings for the my pair of PS1's. You're technical people promised a release for Master Tempo, BPM counter etc control for the PS1. Do I continue to hold my breath??? Confused
Originally posted by DJ SKILZ:
[qb]The PS2 will be out in March. I will keep you guys updated on the unit throughout the time.


I will find out all the information you want. When i find this out i will post what you need to know here. Talk to you later.[/qb]

Thanks Skilz, I knew you wouldn't let us down.
Just want to let you guys know that you can do alot more turntablsm trix with the PS2. Once American Audio Edit Crew are done with my video, they will post it here so that you guys can see what i am talking about.

I have noticed that alot of you are having a hard time believing me about the features, and the potential on the PS2. But you will see soon.

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