you need the QMX2BPM Mixer to see the BPMs...

But to be Honest... If you practice enough on your beat mixing, and once you get really good at it you wont need BPMs. I personally don't want to rely on a Beat Counter to do my mixing. You have to train your ear how to beat mix. Once you have that down.. you can scratch that feature off your list because the talent is in with you.

I have 2 Pro Scratch 1's and a Q-MX2BPM mixer. On the PS1's, when you turn them on, and all of lights and icons in the display go on, I noticed that on the upper right hand side of the display it says,

cue beat
bpm sync

What is this??? I looked in the PS1 manual and is says nothing about these features?? Got any idea???
DJ $wivel,
You are right, those things do light up when you first turn on the PS1, because we were thinking ahead to things we wanted to put in later. When you manufacture things like the PS1 you have to commit to a certain number of units on things like the display's, so we had them put those things in the display, but, they are NOT functional on that unit. The good news is that at least I know you read the manual. Big Grin Big Grin

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