Hey I was just wondering wut ya'll got 4 Christmas or Hannukah or Quanza...etc...whether your friends or parents got if 4 ya' or u bought it urself! Peace.

Oh btw I bought myself a new fog machine, and my parents got me a new cross stand for my PSX case. peace and happy holidays!
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SOCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! And a new leather jacket.oooohh!!!!! I wanted a fogger too. Actually I want the mist machine but would have settled for a fogger. Have to buy my own I guess. I also hinted at getting 2 new Spin Out lights, but alas, not under the tree, aaaaaawwwwwww shucks, something else I'll have to buy myself.
You know what they say if you want something done right, then do it yourself. The wife made out like a bandit though, I got here all the stuff SHE ASKED FOR!!!! and more!!!!!! Where's the justice I ask!!!!! Frowner
i graciously received a laptop from my folks! it's a compaq presario 1500 with a 2.4GHz Pentium 4, 512 MB RAM, and a 40 GB hard drive! i'm loving it. i also got some limited edition crystal beer mugs for my bar. i'll have to have you all over sometime for a drink. Wink merry christmas to all! Big Grin
some cases, boxers, flashlights Wink , clothes, and stuff for my house...no deej equiptment yet, but im going to buy myself some more cases Wink

I got some clothes, boxers, new seiko watch, wallet and a lot of money to add to the bank account for new dj stuff. I had alreayd had a lot of hockey stuff early so there wasn't really enough money left to get me any dj stuff this year.

My best gifts this year included a St. Louis Blues 'Note By Note' coffee table book 'graphed by Dallas Drake, Reed Low, and Scott Mellanby. GO BLUES!!! Oh...and I got some $$ to upgrade my rig. A gig or two would be nice. -Ken-
Everybody, Everywhere Honk On BoBo before BoBo Honks on You.
Clip I know BoBo very well. He lives right here inside my pants, thank you very much. Razzer
Originally posted by Tha DOGG:
[qb]Everybody, Everywhere Honk On BoBo before BoBo Honks on You.
Clip I know BoBo very well. He lives right here inside my pants, thank you very much. Razzer [/qb]

not unless your bobo chews shoelaces . . . .and x box controllers . . . .
damn now that's what i call lucky...!

btw Devil you play in any clubs in dubai (kasba, planetarium, atlantis)???
i was there in july and had a kick A$$ time!! Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Rhue they dont wont let me in there ... i am still 16 Cool . Although i am a mobile DJ and make more then enough money for now Wink I take about 150 pounds($215) for one night DJing.
Which tells you i am a quite high priced DJ as i am de only scrach DJ of my age down here and de robots here dont know anything about me scraching. Mail me and i'll tell u how i scrach!

Glad to see everyone was good this year! Smiler

GTA Vice City, Lionel Chessie System train set, Skip Doctor MD, some DVD's, sweaters...

Oh, and a 36" S0NY WEGA. Big Grin

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