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Hey ADJ and friends,
I have searched and searched, but cannot find any available lenses for my PL-4450 pinspots! About 7 years ago I purchased some PL-1000 pinspots with the Z-CL100 lenses. I also purchased some PL-4450s with the Z-CL3500 lenses. Well, over the years these things tend to fade and need replacing to put some life in the colors. I called my salesman and he says ADJ sells a replacement for the Z-CL100 as a Z-CL100/PA and Z-CL100/PB. Each is a 4-pack of colored lenses in the Par 36 size.
He told me there is no replacement for the Z-CL3500. He also said that American DJ only has pink ones left?

So... what is the replacement for the PAR 46 size??
The PL-4450 is still being made, how does anyone make it a different color? Tape a gel sheet over it and hope nobody notices how it looks?

Let me know if there is a place I can find them or what the solution is. I read another post recently on here about someone rather disgusted that things are being discontinued and support for the old stuff is getting weak.

Thanks for your help-

Dan W
Mobile DJ
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Thanks Support-
I'll try to get the dealers to order me what I need.
My guy from Full Compass in Wisconsin told me that he talked to American DJ and they said they only had Pink Z-CL3500. I will try another source and see if they can get me some.

Resound- the PL-4450 doesn't look very nice with a gel sheet over it, that's what the CL-3500 is made for.

AMP- I have been informed by AMDJ that the gels on the first 2 links you put are discontinued as I wrote in my initial post.

Thanks guys,

Stage 1 Sound
I am bringing this topic back to life as I tried to email American DJ over a week ago to see if they were making the Z-CL3500 hard lens/gels for the PAR46 pinspots (PL4450). I have gotten no word back.
The past few years I have tried to use a PAR46 can with a gel-frame and the trouble is that it used a PAR38 bulb and it does not last on the road. Sealed-beam lamps are far more rugged. So, I need to know
Does americanDJ have in stock all the colors of the Z-CL3500 lenses? 3 Years ago I was told 'yes' but when my dealer called, only pink ones were on the shelf over there. Let me know.
If I am motivated, you might want to bug me about this. I have purchased the Par46 gel sheets(yes, gel sheets) that come pre-cut at what I think is 7X7" squares, for usage with the Par46's gel holders. I cut them down for my Par38's to a 5X5" square.

Musician's Friend has them. Not terribly expensive either. I also ordered the hard lenses for my ADJ and Chauvet Par36 pinspots. Worked nice in both brands. Ordered from the same place.

I have the original "wrappers" for those gel packs. So, that might reveal the part number. Alas, it is nearly 1AM, I can't sleep but I don't want to go out into the garage to find them. I might tomorrow as I have set up a fair amount of lighting and I am designing my light show best I can. My issue now is "do I just go with Red, Green, Blue and Yellow gels and mix and match to get the colors I need" or go with 8 different gels and get more variety.(adding pink, orange, sky blue and a nice light purple)
I agree. There is nearly no such thing.

I'm just debating going RGB via ParCan's. I had a fun task that worked great. Mixing and matchng lighting and products from different brands made for a fun chore. So worth it. The gobos and color wheels in multiple fixtures needed to be matched using ParCans and my Color Fusions. I took web page HEX values for colors, and then converted those to decimal. Since DMX uses values of 0-255, that equates perfectly to web values of 00-FF. And using those values, I was able to nail perfect matches using my ParCans, Color Fusions, color changers, movers and spots! Talk about thinking outside the box.
As soon as I get a big event, I'm taking tons of pictures. In fact, hiring a photographer to ensure I get what I need.

Right now it's set up in my garage on a 10-foot truss and 2 T-stands, and the movers are on some 12-space racks. It's a mess, but I can at least function with it. DMX cabling is a mess since I added things as I went, instead of in a logical order. Power is crazy since I am pulling off 3 circuits and I still popped a 15-amp breaker.

It's nice having idle time to play with lights. It would be even more fun to get some events!

Pictures of my garage "lab" might end up involving the fire department coming out and wanting to inspect my cable jungle!

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