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Ok, so all of the sudden, most of my DMX presets no longer work. Any Scene that has any sort of movement, completely shuts off the lights from any of the fixtures running those movements, and in some cases, it simply does not produce any light AND it doesn't run its pattern. for example:
i have four lights with a disco ball hanging in the center of all four, two of the fixtures will point at the disco ball and the other two will run a pan/tilt effect, all lights should be on and slowly cycling colors. then the two lights running the pattern would stop and point at the disco ball and the other two would then run their pan/tilt effects(note: this preset was working perfectly until recently). Now when I run this preset, the only time light is showing from the fixtures is when they are static and pointing at the disco ball.(the other two still run their pattern, but without displaying any light).
I get this issue with any scene I run, old and new, and it only occurs when there is a motion pattern active. the most peculiar thing is that when i go to edit mode, I can click on a single step in the scene and it will set all the lights to their positions that they would be for that particular step, the lights come on just as they are supposed to, but again, if i run the scene in edit mode, the issue persists

I haven't changed any settings as far as I know, the only thing I can think of is some fault with wiring/my DMX controller setup or possibly some DMX update i don't know about?

I sincerely appreciate any help that anyone can provide, thank you in advance for you help!
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Was there normally a scene stacked on the movements to show light output or color? Can you email me the file?

I did not stack any scenes for the same lights, light color, gobo, and pan/tilt effect are all handled by the same scene.
as requested, I have emailed you a copy of my dmx preset, any help is appreciated Smiler

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