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I just ordered, but have not received my P56P LED cans.. I went LED due to the power limitations in most of the bar venues that we play or run sound/lights for other bands. Most places will trip breakers if I bring in 4000w PAR64's...

Anyway, looking at the User Guide and the DMX channel setting, and after an internet + ADJ search, cannot find what the heck "COLOR MACRO" on Channel 4 means and what it does !!

I can wait 'til they arriver I guess, but I wanted to plan out the scene setup for these new lights..

Anyone shed light on what this function is ??


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Color macro usually means some sort of "fixed" settings. If you sweep through that, you'll go through a vast number of colors.

It's a setting I tend to avoid. I prefer setting my values using an RGB color chart. I'm more into setting scenes now, so I can installing pull up say a red or a light blue, for example.

And I bought 8 of the pro LED Par64's for the same reason. Doesn't take much to pop a club circuit, and doing mains, monitors, backline and lighting from a short set of circuits isn't fun!
Dude, good one!

Jingles is right, and I admit to being lazy! Do you know how much work it takes to be lazy?

The Color Fusions have a macro function, which was neat. If you're pressed for colors, it's a good quick way to get something happening. I'd recommend either grouping your fixtures or using the same addressing so they all come out the same.

What I do is RGB mixing using a set of trusty sheets that I always seem to leave at home. I am making a new "show binder" which will have critical information on lights. make sure you at least carry the sheet that shows the DMX specs so you know what fader controls what when you're out at a show.

Use what works best for you. There's no right answer. I like a more control element, so I stick with a small color scheme.

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