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I was SO impressed with the P56P's that I recently bought, that I ordered a couple more... Good thing I did, 'cus one of the 5 will no longer react to DMX commands. Does its own thing.. the red LED does not flash when connected, like the others do.

I've changed up cables, the device's order in the dmx chain, checked dip settings, etc.. same result.. does not see DMX.
Found that out an hour when setting up for tonights gig !!

Good thing I have a spare...
I've used this light for about 12 hrs total - 4 gigs. Its still under warranty, but it will be a PITA to ship it anywhere...

Anyone know the procedure for this kind of thing ?

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thanks Jim...

And after last nights gig I now have another unit that appears to be malfunctioning.. this one stays blue [about 25% on, not full] when controller is set to "blackout". Besides that, it seems function as intended - based on watching some last night.

Still, with 2 out of 7 not fully operational - both with minimal use [less than 15hrs now] - I'm not getting warm fuzzies about the 100,000 hr and 3Yr limited warranty on these devices.

I will say that I bought them for the low power consumption, and they DO a real good job, are easy to program on the controller side and have a huge color range. But I also want them to work... like I posted earlier.. good thing I had a spare.. at $150 a pop - I don't plan on having any extras hanging around Smiler
And now for the wierd part...

Prior to boxing up the unit(s) for shipping, I brought the rig inside and set it up on the floor in the back room. The unit that failed on Sat pm, worked FLAWLESSLY !! LED light on back was blinking when hooked into the DMX chain, and it worked as programmed by the controller.. go figure !! I guess I'll wait until the next 'outing' and see how it behaves before I return it for "repair".

So.. as a long time computer/IT type.. there's a logical failure explanation for all things electronic, electrical or programmed. Unless there's a [hardware] component failure, devices behave as designed/programmed.. therefore.... my question has got to be - What's different between the setup when the device did NOT work and when it did. Sure, dmx cable selection between devices was random for both, so that is a potential culprit, but I swapped cables while debugging the issue on Sat. Did not make a difference.. If anyone else has had this type of issue, pleae chime in.
Jim ???

But, the 2nd unit was still keeping the 25% blue on in blackout mode, so I'm not home free yet.. Smiler



I think you are "on to something" by going after the cables and their connectors.

Another idea that comes to mind is the unit that remained failed with the symptom of 25% blue. If the "other failed but now good unit" was down stream, do you think the unit failed at 25% blue ALSO corrupted the datastream or attenuated datastream signal strenght for the remaiing downstream units?

Just a thought,. Best of luck

the 25% unit was downstream [next device] from the failed unit. And in same spot last night. The 25% unit works fine, except for that flaw.

I may end up moving it to the end of the chain [behind the drums], so that the 25% is not visible during blackout.

Yeah, I had thought about the cabling as the culprit, and did swap some around when the failure occurred. But, that had no effect. Last night, I was using whatever dmx cable was next for hookup and it all worked !! I'm relieved, but don't have "warm fuzzies" that this issue is resolved and will not re-occur at next use Smiler

So, I've got some programming to do over the next couple of days - to include the new devices - so I'll see how that goes and see if the problem can be repeated...

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