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Alright people...I have been a Disk Jockey for five years now, working for a specific company. Just this month I decided to branch out on my own and tripple proffits, Ya KnOw! Anyway, tomorrow (Friday) is my first realy BIG show. It is for a NASA Sub Contractor and they are expecting 1600 to 2000 people to show! Fortunately I do not have to deal with all of them at once! They are also having an eleven piece band called FUNKSION, a Jazz Bar, Piano Bar, and Smoking room set up. So I figure at any given moment I could have 700 - 800 on my dance floor...FUNKSION is realy good, so it will be some hard work to keep 'em dancin with me. Then again I am always up for a challenge.

I am going to be running ADJ DCD Pro 250 (best bang for the buck, wish they still made them), Q-Spand Mixer (Can't get any better!),D*X 223 X-Over,R**NE 15B EQ, two M***IE 1400i's, two custom 15" subs (strange enclosures but BOOOM!), two dual 15" cabinets (ScReAmErS Man!), two ADJ DJ Scans, Two ADJ DJ Scan/RG's, Two Black Widows, Fog, and to tie up the lights I will be using the Automate/DMX controller.

It should be fun! Wish me no wait wish me a broken leg or something!
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Thanks for the replies!

You wouldn't believe how well it went!!!!!
The funniest part was that I was in a room set up for a dinner of 300, then there was another ballroom set up with an 11 piece band for about 1000+, another room with a 3 piece jazz band, and another room with piped in holliday music and deserts. Dinner started @ 8pm, dancing started about 9pm, and by 10:30 there was no one in the main ballroom (with the band) a few people in the Jazz bar, and some in the desert lounge, everyone else was parying their A@#es off with me! My lights where awesome, and yes I could have used a few more. They actually had to remove about 6 or seven tables because there where so many people dancing. The only thing that went wrong was that My light controller, that I just got, and was supposed to be universal DID NOT WORK!!! But I just plugged in my mini C (thank god for mini c's) and went to work. My fog machine was off the hook as well (sorry it is not ADJ)!!!!

All in all it was one of the best parties I've done, and I heard such comments as "the best DJ they've ever had! So I am looking forward to doing it again next year!!!

Thanks again,

RAY- you can get ahold of me @

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