Hello all.

I realize I'm using what is now a discontinued device however, I'm running in to a small issue with it that maybe someone can answer.

I have three Nucleus LED devices. I work in a club with two separate rooms each with it's own DMX 2 controller and each running MyDMX 2.1. Originally I had two of the Nucleus LED units in one room and one in the other. All three are on 22 channel mode

With the original setup. The room with two units, I had red, blue, and green light from all of the emitters as well as being able to choose an assortment of the three. The room with the one unit only has red and blue, unless I'm in sound mode, then occasionally I'll see green.

After getting a ton of new lights for the room that had two in it, I moved the two in the room with the other, and now have three running. I created a new 22 channel entry in the universe (so the two are not on the same channels as the original). All three will not display green lights when using the color selector sliders in mydmx. I feel that this is an issue with MyDMX as opposed to with the fixtures themselves, but I cannot figure out what is different between the two networks/setups besides being physically located in two rooms.

Any ideas???
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