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Didn't read specs carefully enough. I have been using My DMX for several years. Just ordered My DMX 2.0 for Mac for a church install and just loaded program and learned NO 3D VISUALIZER. I'm a PC so got trapped is the old ASSUME. Was there a My DMX (version 1) for mac? If so, did it have a 3D visualizer? Also, it would be very helpful to be abled to do a split screen app to
allow programing ahile you watch the split screen image of the stage.
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I know it's not much help, but I have done installs before using My DMX & you can do Dual screen so that you can have the 3D Visualizer while programming. Plus it allows you to have a full programming screen. Worked well for me & 2 of the installs I told them that it was possible, but they would need the second screen & they though it was great. Obviously no help till the visualizer is released for Ver2, but pretty sure that it won't be too long!

I'm going to purchase MyDMX 2.0 as soon as the 3d visualizer is available. I've turned notifications on for this topic, would you mind adding a comment to the forum when it becomes available? I'll keep checking the site, but I just don't want to miss it. I've got numerous American DJ lights and have used a traditional DMX controller and I would love to replace that with a laptop & MyDMX 2.0. Thank you!
Silly Question...

Visualizing w/ or without the 3d visualizer. What is the typical way to visualize your lights? from the front or back?

I've noticed that when I'm behind my light rack and I pan left (Pan 0%)the light goes to the right.

I'm assuming you're suppose to visualize your light show from the front of your rack while building a show? Is that typical for programing lights? (Sorry, noob question...)

I'm use to running the lights from behind them but will get in the habbit of programing / visualising them from the front if that's typical.

The 3D program is designed to be as if you are in the audience. Now, with that said, there are a few fixtures here and there where the profile is reversed. So, it really depends on what lights you are using. The best way to figure this out is to set up a few of your fixtures and check how they react compaired to the 3D. Hope this helps you out
When is the projected date for the visualizers release? I just switched to the MyDMX 2.0. I spent a good day looking for the visualizer software on it but now I seethat it is not there. One of the biggest selling points to me, when it comes to software based dmx controllers, was having the ability to program my light show from anywhere without having to construct my lighting rig.
It is hard to say, when we created the MyDmx2.0, we had to completely start from scratch with the program. With the new OS PC was coming out with and the choice to build it for Mac as well....we literally started over. Because of this, there have been a few bugs in the design that we had to get fixed before looking at working on the add on parts of the program. Now that we feel it is stable enough, the design team has turned its attention to the 3D program. As soon as i get it, i will release it, but it is still several months out before i even see it let alone have a version stable enough to release
We need to continue posting our requests to American DJ to get a 3D visualizer that works with MyDMX 2.0. I broke down and purchased MyDMX 2.0 a few months ago, but I haven't gotten much use out of it. The program seems like it will work very nicely, but without an option to preview my light sets, it really isn't doing me any good. I don't have the time/space to set up my lights in my home to put together a good set, so I was planning on putting sets together using the 3D Visualizer and making the final edits after I've set up for an event. So ADJ, please keep working on the 3D Visualizing software. Thanks ADJ!
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I've made a decision that my company will no longer use American DJ equipment. I'll sell what we've got & move on to other manufacturers, ones who actually respond to their customers. I haven't purchased ADJ for the past 6 months due to their lack of customer concern. I just wish I hadn't wasted money on MyDMX in the first place. Seems like we should be getting our money back since ADJ has been promising for well over a year now that the 3D Visualizer was coming out soon. Personally, I haven't used MyDMX once because I don't have the space to set up my lighting in my home. I travel to locations, set the lights up and run the show using my old manual sliders. What a waste of $300.
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I agree. This is really shitty that no one seems to care about responding to this, and the original promise of the 3d visualizer being out this year seems to be a lie. Some of us owned the software before we realized tree was no 3d visualizer and some bought it knowing that it would be released in a update shortly. However that has not come true and there are a lot of us who wish we put our money into another program/manufacturer. I it's irritating it's not out, but it's more irritating that there seems to be no response from anyone who works there and that's probably because they have no clue themselves.
I get it, I'm an engineer, I do my fare share of programming on a daily basis, its difficult and time consuming, and some times setbacks happen. I think most people are getting excited and impatient for a feature they have been waiting on for a long time. I personally bought MyDMX over a year ago, foolishly thinking the features advertised on the box would be the features that would come with it functional right out of the package. They did eventually get the android remote released, it had some bugs, but that's what updates are for, and in the end it gets the job done as advertise. So, I'm still hopeful for a late 2013 visualizer release, but as late 2013 descends upon us it does make me a nervous that there hasn't been an update on this topic from ADJ since January. If I was on the brink of releasing a huge update that includes a major feature I would be broadcasting updates like crazy. The only think lack of communication does in bread suspicion and rumors. An update, good or bad, would at least put a lot of minds at ease.
Hello everyone, in case some of you didn't see it, I mostly covered these questions in this post here:

I am sure we are about maybe 4-6 weeks out from seeing the cross platform Scan library editor. After that the 3D we hope to have done and in good working order by the end of the summer.
We/I really appreciate everyone's patience, we know it is wearing thin, but it'll come and when it does it'll be worth the wait. Smiler
My question, as many others have had, is what is ADJ going to do to make up for selling a product literally years before it was actually ready for use by their customers (that's assuming that it will eventually work)? I paid ADJ $300 for a product in 2012, which 2 years later is still not working. We've simply got another "estimate" that it will be ready "this summer", but no promises. I'm fairly sure that couple getting married next month isn't going to hold off their wedding until sometime "this summer" when my equipment may or may not be working. And of course they're happily going to allow me to keep the money they have paid me because ADJ is "very serious" about getting their product working the way they advertised it a couple years ago when they sold me their product.
Any 3D visualizer only gives a vague and imprecise idea of the reality. Thats why it is not really used by pros. It would be a "plus". Rather than a 3D visualizer, it is more important to have a fixture creator with MyDMX2 on Mac. I am working in different locations, with different set of fixtures belonging to those locations. I seldom know in advance what type of fixture is hung above the scene. In numerous occasions I had to turn around the "missing fixture" on location. A fixture creator would allow me to create my new set on the fly. It would be much appreciated.
Apart from that, I never ever had any trouble in using MyDMX2. It does what it is meant to do. Nothing to complain about. I use it in DJing, theatre and shows, sometimes in very complex configurations with all 512 channels in use, with no bug.
Update, we are still finalizing a few things for this new cross platform program, so as of now we will prob see something in March or April. Internal testing in March and probably releasing a version for public release in April. but for now don't quote me on that. I'm not trying to string anyone along, just giving updates as I get them. Being transparent, instead of quiet. I hope you all understand.

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