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So has anyone actually seen these in the wild yet? Very interesting fixture and I'm considering adding a pair to my inventory. My real question though - is the center cone mirror indexable? As in, if I have two fixtures working side by side, does the mirror spin in such a way that the output from the two units will look the same, or will it be randomly different. I'd assume the latter from reading the manual, but the product video seems to show this can be done. Thanks!
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Hi Jeff, as luck would have it i just had a ninja5RX with me to demo for a bit, you are right the cone indexes on the rotation channel. I know the manual says random but..... it's not random, you can index it. I would say two units will be close enough to identical if not exact.
It's a nice punchy light, awesome colors, decent gobos, it's close i think to the color and gobo wheel in the sniper 2R from Elation. Seems like it anyways.

any other questions? Thanks! Merry Christmas and happy holidays.
Thanks James, I really appreciate it! I'm glad to hear that the cone mirror indexes. I would definitely want to use these in at least a pair, so it's nice that they can do some coordinated movements. When I receive the order I'll try to post a decent video to get them a little more visibility - for such a neat fixture I'm surprised there aren't more in the wild!

I'm glad that ADJ hasn't given up on discharge effect lights either. My current discharge inventory gets more mileage than anything else! On a somewhat related note, do you know if anyone at Tech Support happens to have the schematic for the Tempest 250's main PCB? I'm trying to repair the one of my three that blew up around this time last year and that'd really help!

Thanks again, and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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