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Hi everyone !,

Just getting my head around the app for the first time. All my devices seem to have official profiles that I've downloaded, which is great news. Just tried the haze machine and that works great, but I've come stuck when I've tried the Cameo Wookie 400 Laser. The profile looks fine, and if I manually change the faders in the fixtures page, it does exactly what I tell it do ( i.e change colour, rotation, pattern etc ), so that proves the dmx channel is matching etc etc.

However, nothing works for the laser when I switch back to the live dashboard. Has this device been excluded in some way ? I thought some sort of move / colour / dimmer / strobe button would affect it in some way, but nothing !

Any help welcome !  ( I'm in mode 2, 9 channel mode to be clear ).


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Hi, lasers are a poor fixture to use with this app as the app at its core is a simple RGB and moving head Effects engine, if the laser isn't a moving head, or has RGB intensity control channels, then it will hardly work with the app, and the only way to get use of the laser is the way you've discovered, messing around with the channel faders and storing them into the presets.

Yeah I was starting to think that, but it is a mullti-colour laser with x and y contols, all 9 channels are used, so I thought there would be at least a minimum of support, else why build the fixture file in the first place !? Hence why I think something isn't quite right ! But I agree the compatibility would be minimal !

So looking at the profile the laser does have XY channels, as well as rotation on XYZ. But for XY half the channel is position, and half is rotation, and in the profile builder you cannot add a 2nd preset to a X or Y channel, as typically XY is a full 0-255 range not 0-127.... this is why the channel wasn't made as just a Pan and just a Tilt channel. If you have the manual handy for your laser, a LOT of people customize the profiles to suit their needs so it works a bit better in the app. 

yep got the manual to hand as it's fresh out of the box today. I'm used to progamming old desk-style dmx controllers, so it's not that new to me.

I DID notice that they were TWO profiles for the same fixture in the drop down list. Is this due a duplicate or perhaps I have the wrong one ;

  • Wookie 400 RGB

What does CLL mean !?

Manual I'm referencing is

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