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Hi there,

Just got the Mydmx Go - been looking at it for a while.

I have updated the firmware, checked that my Android tablet has the correct version operating system (4.4.2 which according to the manual seems to be enough) - I've then plugged all the lights in and opened up the App.

I can load up the fixtures ok and have set the DMX addresses correctly.

My tablet says that it has connected to the appropriate wireless network, but the WIFI light on the box is flashing quickly - only one light is cycling through a built in program and nothing else is working at all.

Hope you can save this unit from being returned.


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I've also just tried another Android tablet - version 7 - this one did let me register for the Account (the other didn't do that) but after loading up the app and a couple of fixtures when I connect to the unit wifi, there is still nothing.

The digital display has L1 in it at times - no idea what this display is for as there is no information about it at all in the manual.

ok good, so the "L1" is really more like a LI for LIVE, meaning it is connected to the app and the tablet and should be outputting DMX. When you see 01 then that is disconnected and those are a few small built in memory banks with generic RGB data in them, so if you press the up or down it will go to 02, 03, 04 etc. if anything is stored in the memory (no mydmx GO cannot send presets to the memory sorry)
You said you have patched fixtures and all of that? you should be connected to normal household wifi with internet to patch fixtures so the profile is downloaded from the online library. if it is connected to the GOs wifi, it will not download.
I'm not really sure you are not seeing anything, it could be your fixtures aren't in the right channel mode or address, you have to do that yourself on each fixture to match what the GO app has.

Thanks for the explanation of Li Jingles - that helps.

Yes, I loaded up several fixtures when on household wifi, then went around them all and reset DMX addresses on the units to match those on the App. Checked all the modes too.

I've since stripped all but two fixtures off, just basic LED pars  and wired only them in. Still nothing.

I'm wondering if there's some setting I've inadvertently changed or something.

Oh yes, I've also been back through the Hardware manager , put the unit back to Factory settings, checked again for latest firmware and started over.

Think I'll swap out the dmx cables next just in case.

If that doesn't work - well, they say you only get one chance to make a good first impression and I'll be going back to analogue control - shame because this would have been really convenient.

Thanks for you time and input!

It had it's last chance just now - I've found that if I put my Ledj 7Q5s in Slave then they will respond, but not when addressed individually. Even then the colour control isn't functioning and the sliders on the app are just going up and down by themselves.

Very disappointing - thanks to Jingles for trying to help, but this is going back to the retailer.

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