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So I'm not really sure where else to go for help with this issue which explains how I ended up here. With that being said, I work at a car wash where we use BIGDOT lighting octave lights in our tunnel, which are controlled by a MyDMX GO controller which we use an iPad with the MyDMX GO app to control. (sorry about the mediocre explanation of our setup) Everything was working fine up until a few days ago we started experiencing trouble with our light show where it was only emitting a very fixed spectrum of colors. (mainly red and blue but occasionally purple and very rarely a few units would try and emit green/yellow but abruptly switched back to blue or red) In an effort to remedy this issue I disconnected the iPad and connected to the controller via the hardware manager program on my Macbook and attempted to update the firmware of the controller hoping that would solve the issue. Somehow or other the update got interrupted which I believe might be the source of this issue but I can't say for certain. What I do know for sure is that whenever I connect the hardware manager to the controller I get this error message:

a DINA1 (myDMX GO) with IP:

is not reacheable, because this device is not properly configured to be reached by one of the following network adapter(s):



any help would be greatly appreciated! thank you in advanced

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Thanks for the quick reply Jingles but unfortunately I don't have a cable on hand to try this with as I connect to my controller wirelessly by connecting to the access point. I believe it is updated to the most recent firmware to be honest. my suspicion is that the interrupted firmware update attempt corrupted the IP configuration maybe? not sure if thats even "a thing" that can happen but right now ive got some sort of flashing lights going to entertain our customers and more importantly their children but once I close up for the night ill be more willing to fiddle around with it cause I don't want to "break the lights" while were still running cars. is there any other possible solutions you could think of in the interim that you could post here in the event you're not available when im troubleshooting later?

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