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jingles here and i thought of something last night while i was day dreamin bout lights! it is a moving head wash like the easy color(sort of) but basically my idea is to take the p64 led and put it on a moving head base and make the casing for the light sleek looking add pan/tilt channels and instead of dip switches have it all controlled though the led display. ok everybody start chiming in! be nice i am a newbie! who's with me on this idea? peace jingles! Big Grin
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in the real lighting industry 2 grand for a light is common's common to find 150 lights @ 2grand a piece or more on some rigs... so yes i would disagree with your statement lol

price out some higher scale fixtures i can't name them on this forum but trust me there out there ranging over triple the 2 grand price tag
Originally posted by MadMikey:
[qb] price out some higher scale fixtures i can't name them on this forum[/qb]
Sure you can name them, so as long as you remember that Elation makes a better product for less money Wink

You can metion other, products, you just can't compare them to ADJ products (or any of it's sister companies ie Elation, Global, American Audio). You cannot also comment in any way aout another product (good or bad) due to ADJ's liabilities, but you can mention them.
Since this is a site owned by American DJ, any comments on tis forum become the property of American DJ, and as such any comment made about a competitors product could be construed by that competitor as slander.

It is also a professional courtesy that American DJ keeps remarks about competitors products off of their site. Just like ADJ/AA won't post on their home page brand XYZ's products suck, they also won't allow those discussions carried out on a web site they own, that's on a server they own, in a building they own. Now do you understand?

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