I have just purchased 11 new lighting fixtures and also have 8 LED 56 Par Cans. As I am now getting more advanced I am looking for a new way to control my lighting for my Mobile DJ setup. Please could someone help me identify a new way I can control my fixtures that are listed below. I have been looking at the Elation 260? If that is not the best idea please point me in the right direction.

2 x Acme Mirrage
1 x Chinese Laser (DMX)
8 x Q Spot Mini Moving Heads
(8 x LED Par Can 56)

Thank you very much,

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Hi there Alex,
I'm still new to DJ lighting myself, but I am pretty good with DMX and how it works so I would recommend going with computer controlled DMX such as MYDMX (ADJ) or another kind of computer DMX software. Those Q-Spots and the LED Pars will look great if you create a show with MYDMX. You will have a VERY nice lighting setup. Good luck!

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