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My Scan Tron has been working fine until the past wednesday during a church service the lights gobo wheel shifted and got stuck between two gobos. I tried to get it to the correct position, which worked until I scrolled the gobos and it hit something a make a clanking noise and went back to being in between two gobos.

Is there a simple fix for this problem. I need to use the lights for a sunday service. Any help is appreciated.

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I've seen this problem in a couple different types of scanners made by ADJ. THe problem is the GOBO Wheel. There is a small nipple (for lack of better words) that rides in the center of the assy. This nipple can break or get bent. When this happens, the GOBO might change temporarily, but just as soon as the nipple is compromised once again... no change.

Just my $.02

I would send it in for repair. With that piece being broken... Who knows when, or if, it will ever act normal again. If I had the schematics for my lights, then I would just do the repairs myself, but I have het to get a hand on a set of plans.

Good luck to you!

By the way... ADJ has very good turn around time :-)
theres a metal "screw" that fits into the gobo wheel that stops the wheel from rotating past a certain point this is used to "set" the correct position of the wheel. If this "screw" has come out then the light has no way of "homing" itself. Check to see if you can find this on the gobo wheel there is usually a fixed point that the screw hits to stop the wheel.
I have returned 3 dj scans 250s for this exact problem. They would make that clanking sound and then get stuck in between gobos. I think it happens in the cheaper lights because they dont use real stepper motors. With a true stepper moter(The expensive ones) you dont need a nipple or a screw to stop it from going past a certain point.
correct me if im wrong.


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