i know this is a dj forum but i need help with a song bye the way i have a proscratch 1 and pro gj 3 so please help out a fellow american dj lol i need to know who sings the old song (set it off)not sure if that is the name but some words are set it off on the right yall set it off on the left yall set it off set it off i want to put i in a mix so please help
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is it r&b, rap? how about, outkast - the whole world.

btw, that is a perfectly valid question for a dj forum. there are some good song identifying members on here so don't be afraid to ask.
well its r&b i guess its not outcast its real old like frm late 80s or early 90s its a good dance song its a dude singing on the left! on the right! i suggest you, set it off on the left yall set it off on the right yall
is that the chorus? are there any background vocals? is their one primary singer, or are there multiple?
how about: Ginuwine - G Thang
Strife - Set it off. . . . . it's old it's classic it's on one of the Tommy Boy's Greatest Beats compilations. . . or the soundtrack to the movie "set it off"
that is it thank you very much clipuptags and thank you double 0 for are your help i have been trying to find out waht that song was forever thanks again
all you have to do is ask me . . . that's about 29/30 pretty good percentage. . . . i know my music. . . . remember JB, even the opera!!!
i tried to get it off of kazaa but nothing comes up i guess ill have to buy it dang it lol it gave me the hard core band strife never heard of them
keep trying different versions and users. that's just the way it is with kazaa. or try audiogalaxy, i'm sure they'd have it.
ok i do have a ? about my pro scratch 1 i am new to the ps1 and i am not very good at beat matching lol when you first turn the ps1 on and all the lights come on on the display what is the auto bpm light it says auto cue bpm and beat sync in a red box
well you have helped me again now i know those lights dont mean dodo lol i guess ill have to buy the mixer with the bpm display on it but dont hvae that kind of money lol or maybe i can get better at beat matching lmao that will take forever lol hell i can barely clap with the beat lol
just tap your foot man. . . . and you can ask blazin beats for the advice i gave him. . . sounds odd but it works!

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