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I have many AMDJ products, but just bought a set of 4 DJ Scans. (Never bought American DJ lights Before)
Here is my dilemma:
I bought these because of price and what they can do, PROBLEM 4 channels. I have a 6 channel cheap DMX (******* Junior) controller that works fine for other 4 channel items, however, this will not allow me to program the DJ Scans one fixture at a time.
I would really like to debut them this weekend, however, is there a place where you can get the info on the channels and how to reassign them so they take the 6 channel information?
Problem is, when I go to program them, the first fixture will change position as I am trying to change color on the second.
Thanks for the help.
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I am working on that now, I see where I have maybe made a mistake, HOWEVER,
Tell me something, I bought these because of the MOVIE you have on the website.
It shows the X/Y Movements at 180 where they can go left and right, Mine will only 0 degrees to 90 degrees right. Why is that?
What can I do to get the pan to the left?

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