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Hi Sorry I'm new to this I get the idea of making scenes using various lights including scenes using the lights switched by my DMX controlled relay relay (specifically a mirror ball, a laser and a scanner) what I would I also realise i can create scenes just using these lights and controlling them by buttons in the live view what I would like to do is be able to have an existing DMx controlled scene running and then "add" (basically switch on) one of the other lights at the same time
Hope this makes more sense now
1. Multi platform software/hardware system (Windows and OSX Mac compatible)
2. Easy-to-use DMX software
3. 512 DMX channels
4. Extensive fixture profile library
5. SSL2 Profile editor & support
6. MIDI triggering
7. New graphical interface design
8. New drag and drop effects generator
9. Works with simple scenes/steps
10. Windows / Mac laptop or desktop computer with USB port
11. Windows ME, XP, Vista & Win 7 compatible (64-Bit compatible) and Mac OSX 10.6
12. 32MB RAM video card supporting Microsoft DirectX 9.0 (For 3D visualizer available in a future release)

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