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had a small bar gig this weekend and forgot the power cord for my elation. ive been taking my laptop everywhere so i can work with mydmx offline... well, not that its a huge deal but i did have to figure out very quickly how to bring up 8 par 56 cans.. wasn.t too tuff. by the 3rd song i even had some stupid lil chase/schenes going which was a bit of a pain do to no tap sinc and multiple fade/hold times but wasnt even necessary. i was just happy to have the lights on! and since they are 500watt lamps, being able to control the intensity is a must must must.... or you pop breakers and melt musicians..(im not the one who loaded the trailer that day so i ended up with 56's instead of 38's)at any rate.. mydmx paid for itself rite then and there.

in "light" of all that, i am looking to buy the chauvet colorsplash 200b led and i cant seem to get the fixtures to turn on in the 3dviz. not that it matters because i can still view the colors on the channel and will proly buy them. anyone have anything to say about them?....good/bad. they will be for small venues. we got a crap ton of pars for the summer festival shows. but the winter is coming and we will be in doors. power and space are always an issue.

thank you adj and mydmx,

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Yup, power and space.

I never have issues with fixtures in the 3D Visualizer. Are you sure you're brining up those dimmer channels? It's a real easy mistake to make and overlook, especially if you're on sight and stressing over what you're doign. Not a good place to learn.

Could also be the profiles are wrong, but ADJ makes a pretty decent effort to ensure the profiles are done properly before distributing them. Jingles is making most of them, so it would seem, and he gets feedback from those he's making them for. My guess is that he knows profiles pretty good since I don't see complaints.

Double check your channels. One of my fixtures is a 7-channel fixture(64 LED PRO) and I have a blank channel between fixtures to maintain compatibilty with my DMX Operator(should I need it). I keep screwing up and grabbing that unused channel!
i dont own the leds yet i was just looking at picking some up. they appear to be priced cheaply compaired to other led pars... meaning the obvious, they are cheaper.
one good thing about this software is you can get in and fiddle around with fixtures you may be considering to buy..
i have just regular ol pars rite now.
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ok,. i have noooo clue how to deal with led washes. on the color splash 200b

channel 1 = control mode
channel 2 = red
channel 3 = green
channel 4 = blue
channel 5= shutter
channel 6 = dimmer
the only thing i can get them to do it shutter randomly the respective colors
and by randomly i mean i cant really control them. but, this is new to me and usually im the problem not the software.
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Why don't you do this:

Pull up red, green, blue and dimmer to full. That should give white.
Shutter: Find out what full open is too.

No clue what "control mode" is.

Take my advise: Even though the ADJ equivalent may be a bit more expensive, I've found it to be worth the extra money thanks to higher reliability and better overall performance.
Actually there was a problem with the Colorsplash 200b profile. First it was an rgb object rather than a led par, second the dimmer channel is in reverse(the way the light works is channel 6 needs to be all the way down for the light to be it's brightest, not all the way up), third the strobe or shutter channel makes the light blink very slowly at zero rather than saying the strobe is off. I can send you a replacement that I made because I have 6 of these lights in my rig. I had redone the profile because of the issues. Catch me on M S N haynboi AT hotmail DOT COM I can then send you a replacement profile.

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