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Get this error message when trying to write to the device:

"Not enough space to write memory. Please remove some steps."

And that's only writing and assigning scenes to 10 preset buttons... There's still 5 more scenes and buttons to do and assign...

Any suggestions what is causing this, and how can I add the scenes and the remaining 5?


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I have 10 simple ADJ UB 12H bars...  no moving lights or anything fancy.

So I create 1 single scene with a basic square matrix effect...

Uncompressed - 1375 steps

Max compression - 232 steps

The product description clearly states "myDMX-RM allows you to program your light show with myDMX 3.0 software, upload programmed data to myDMX-RM then playback in stand-alone mode without a computer. "

So with full compression and this single basic effect compressed scene I can stll not load this single scene to the RM... it still has not enough space... how limited is this device? and does anyone know what solution ADJ is providing for this?



Thanks for the quick replies...

Though your last comment seems confusing or maybe the way this whole RM is being sold is confusing and illegal... or at least in the EU.

So yea I do use over 256 channels, around 400... which is well within the full universe that I have paid for, and that anyone pays for when purchasing the RM.

Product description of the RM...  "Out of the package, myDMX 3.0 software will run in Express Mode; 512 “Live” DMX channels & 512 “Stand Alone” DMX channels"

So one would assume that when this device is purchased can handle 512 channels of DMX straight away without having to do anything else... it really has to as that what's being sold...

Any tips how I can see if it is limited to 256 channels and where to unblock it?

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