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OK, did a show on August 30. Went very well. MyDMX failed me on my July 26th event, so my DMX Operator came through on me. This time, with my DMX Operator nearby, MyDMX came through with flying colors.

Ah, so much easier. My only issue was due to time, I could properly program my 64B LED Pros to their proper channels, so they all ended up being assigned to the same channels as the lowest channel using fixture assignment, which was fine as all 8 do the same thing anyways.

What went wrong last time? Beta software was one of the probelms probably This time, latest release. Came right up. Most excellent.

Now, I'm not saying MyDMX is going to be a solo act from now on. I need a guaranteed working solution. MyDMX is definately going to be my "go do" application, while that DMX Operator will always be nearby for events just in case(you don't mess around for shows, you be prepared). But I'm just pleased that MyDMX did what it should when it should. I knew sticking with the product would pay off in the end.

I was pleased with my MyDMX purchase before. While dissapointed in the failure, I chalked it up to "stuff happens". Now having used it while having to mix a show live(real mixing, not DJ music playing), it was a major time saver.

Great stuff!
When I start doing sequenced shows, I'll have my MacBook Pro run ProTools and this funky Dell run MyDMX and trigger via MIDI.
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