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Hello to all groupers.
A few days ago I bought Mydmx Go and 6 pieces ADJ Focus Spot Z4.
I connected everything as the manufacturer pointed out, however mydmx does not work properly.
At first, the tablet detected one Mydmx device and after a second the other and all at once connected.
I decided to refresh the number of devices and to my surprise the third device was detected and the tablet showed me 39 errors and the information "error -Connection to device timed out".
I am asking for help because in a few days I am playing the New Year's Eve ball.
All in advance for all your help



Images (4)
  • Mydmx go 1 - wifi
  • Mydmx go 2 - wifi
  • Mydmx go 3 - Error 36
  • Mydmx go 4 - error connection
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