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Hi I am having an issue running MyDMX2.0 on my mac. I am using an APC 20 to trigger scenes and faders in mydmx. The APC20 is set up through traktor to set up the LED's.

#1 When I trigger mydmx faders with a pad, is there a way to control the range of the ON?

#2: Adding on that is there a way to set a fader or function to operate as a toggle vs a latch?

#3: Most important, I've tested the midi input and the APC is sending off notes (as a toggle), but it seems that mydox isn't responding to the off notes. So for example, I assign the strobe fader to a pad. When I depress the pad, the strobe fader goes all the way up (would be great if I could set that to say 80%) and then when I let go of the pad the fader does NOT return to zero. So this means I can turn on my strobe with the apc but not turn it off.

Any ideas?
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Hi, welcome to the forums. Here's how I understand it.

1) don't think this is possible, also isn't it a bit hard to try to control a channel level with a pad?

2) No, as there is no toggle like functionality in the program. Meaning you can't Flash a scene or even a fader.

3) The program simply triggers scenes on, not really off, you either trigger a scene or you trigger a different scene, you can't really trigger an OFF unless the scene is set to have lights off. Make sense?

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