I'm working on setting up an auditorium with lights. Working with equipment and that was already in use a few months ago. Tested all my lights with the software and dongle and everything worked fine, then started putting them up and chaining them together and all of the sudden everything stopped working. 

Now I can't get the dongle to send signal to anything at all. I tried reinstalling the latest software update, and resetting the dongle to factory settings. The computer recognizes the dongle and the dongle recognizes it's connected to the computer. All the LED lights on the dongle are lit up as if it's functioning properly, but the lights won't recognize that they're receiving any signal. I've tried different cables and different fixtures. 

Is the dongle just dead or is there something I can do to fix this? 

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Hello, in the MyDMX 3 software settings under devices, does the MyDMX 3 dongle show up and display a serial number? 
Are you using any sort of DMX splitter/booster? How many total feet of DMX cable are you running? 
I would also try a different USB port on the computer. 

Hi! Thanks for the reply. Yes, it does show the dongle under the devices tab, and does respond appropriately when unplugged and plugged back in. 

Not using any splitter or booster, just straight from the box to a fixture. 

In total I'll be running a large amount of cables, but right now I'm just using one short cable to try to get any individual fixture to respond. 

I just tried every USB port on the computer with no luck. 

Do the fixtures act as if they are seeing a DMX signal, for most ADJ lights our menu displays will flash when no DMX signal is present.
also another sanity check, is to make sure that nothing in the software is blocking output, like the master dimmer fader and the blackout button. Stuff like that. 
This is the type of issue that's hard to troubleshoot unless in person in front of the lights...  

With every fixture I try the fixtures do not receive DMX signal at all (aka the displays are flashing no matter what I do.) It doesn't appear to be a software problem since I just reinstalled the software, but I did check the master dimmer and blackout. 

On the box both the green USB light as well as the green DMX output lights are very quickly blinking. 

check the hardware manager, "C:\MyDMX3\HardwareManager" and see if it detects the interface, then go to the DMX tester and move the faders around with a fixture plugged in. 
If that doesn't work i can have our service dept. reach out and we can see about warranty repair if it is still under warranty. 

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