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Hi Y'all 

I've set up MyDMX 3.0 to do midi triggering in Logic. It worked fine for some minutes triggering all the scenes as it should, but now I'm experience the MyDMX software will crashes every single time the midi triggers try to activate the scenes. 

I'm running my setup on a brand new MacBook Pro and I have plenty of computerpower left while using the software. I've try both rebooting and reinstalling MyDMX, but the software still freezes totally when the midi triggers try to activate a screen. 

Have anyone else experienced something similar or maybe have an idea or two to whatever could cause this problem?


- Daniel

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So this might sound as a silly answer, but are you on the "Live" tab in MyDMX? If you are on the "Edit" tab it does seem to freeze for some reason. 

Also I've noticed that when doing MIDI triggering in Cubase unless I disable the input channel on the MIDI track that triggers the scene their's an unbearable latency that can cause a crash.

No idea if any of this helps but that's what I can think off from the top of my head

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