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Hi James thanks for the reply (again!) sorry to be a pain but could you elaborate on what you mean please - I'm thinking you may mean the light profiles. I have the DMX2 coming on Tuesday and have a very big gig this Saturday and need all my shows up and running by then - I would of stayed with Mydmx1 but my module has stopped working for some unknown reason although in fairness the upgrade was long overdue just bad timing at the mo !

Thanks Paul
Ok so I have the software open and have loaded all the lights I could find in the library - I can't find a Kam Laserscan RPB in there or the in the dropbox (there doesn't seem to be a lot of Kam profiles in the library so maybe its not downloaded properly. The only other one I can't find is an Equinox Aquarius laser.

Going back to your earlier reply am I right in thinking if I copy the profiles from MYDMX1 Folder add the to MYDMX2 folder and rename them with .ssl2 ?

Sorry to be a pain !
Just to update - and make sure I've done the right thing I found a post on the forum which suggested opening the old ssl profiles in scan library editor and then saving them as ssl2 - I did that and now have all my light profiles.

All I have to do now is get the .dlm files of my shows in DMX1 to work !!

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