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I am running into a bit of an issue while trying to program some moving heads. I can't seem to make them do what I want, and I not sure whether it is because I am new to using moving heads or if it's an issue with MyDMX 2.1. I am at a small church with a small budget, but we are wanting to incorporate some moving heads into our lighting rig. We bought some $70 specials from eBay(don't give me grief....we want to see if we like having them before we invest a lot of moving in something more expensive!) and I have them setup in MyDMX. I am trying to program scenes where the lights will move from one stationary position to another stationary position. I have programed those positions in their respective scenes, but when I go to Live Mode and switch from Scene 1 to Scene 2 instead of the heads moving from position 1 straight to position 2, they go back to their starting position as if they were just turned on THEN to the next position. Is this an issue with the lights themselves or is it an issue with the MyDMX 2.1 software? OR am I doing something wrong?
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• Extensive fixture profile library
• SSL2 Profile editor & support
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• “Maintenance” application that installs with the program to check for component updates or new versions of the software.
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• Improved multi Pan and Tilt support
• Users can select multi select steps in a scene and modify a channel parameter without it interfering with the rest of the channels
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• Not compatible with ARM based Windows tablets (only Intel)

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