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Still nothing has been sorted in anyway ITs Monday and still not even a firmware update to sort out the simple cue button problem what is up with you guys people are crying out for help here you are not answering questions or answering the wrong questions.
We need help we didn't design this VMS4 so it's new kit to us so it's natural that we have questions ... Before you say e-mail again to the non error e-mail address I and many others have posted the problems here and on VDJ'S forum(some have already returned there VMS4 )
Im just about hangin on to mine ..just .
Your Company is getting Slated across the internet and you are becoming the Joke of DJ gear suppliers this will not go away its going to get worse unless you can prove youself as a Pro setup,I like your products but this will have to be sorted and quick or you will have a big warehouse of unsold and returned VMS4'S and also it will effect your other product sales. If I was the Boss of ADJ I would be kickin some ass now ???
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Wickeed we will have a firmware update for the MIDI on the CUE LED's by tonight. Its Questions and statement like this that make getting thru the forums difficult. I am not a forum moderator or customer service I have posted on several thread that we will have an update shortly, but i cant waste time on every GD thread Instead I an looking for the resolution we narrowed the problem down we just ned to update our code. Chillax
I have been till now so where are the moderator or customer service let them do there job so as you say you have time to do yours and I am so sorry that you have to waste your time on a customer that has major problems with a product of yours and is up all weekend long trying to make this unit work in some kind of way like it was advertised to do with very very little in feedback for ADJ . So great there is an update tonight thanks for letting me know that by way of me having to rant on a forum I have better things to be doing than that I might add.
Leo, you say you're not a moderator, but someone has removed two of my posts so far, which were responses to your messages.

Someone asked a question and you gave them a completely different, incorrect answer - so I pointed out your mistake and my posts were deleted.

Now you've corrected your reply and apologised to the poster - but you've not apologised to me or thanked me for pointing out your mistake.

Now you're saying that you're wasting your time!

Great service!

Anyway, if there is a firmware update coming - PLEASE let everyone know by starting a NEW THREAD with a nice big heading that everyone can see, instead of hiding the info in replies to other messages.

I was lucky to see this, but others might not be.

calm down everybody

we are doin our best in order to help.

@ thewicked: what would you answer if somebody "screams" at you??? Your choice of words is way below the forum rules. Did you adress your problems to our service yet? I haven't got your email on my desk.

Just compare to other companies how we react. We are fast, we are reading the forums, reply, etc. Yes, not everything was working out like we wanted it to but now we are here standing on your side giving you support. And yes, sometimes this takes a little.
I also have purchased the VMS4 after a long wait. I have come across a few issues also. I've read people taking back theirs, I actually really like the controller and have contacted AA with my problems and hopefully together we can sort them out.
I wouldn't want to rush into taking it back as I think it's a good piece of kit. We just need to give AA a little bit of time to sort out all the issues for people.

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