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Im new to using mydmx. I was wondering if anyone will
help me with my something I cant figure out. I have
a setup of 4 amdj scan 250ex working properly, but
like 2 minutes pass by and the blinking green light on mydmx interface box stops blinking and then all of my
amdj fixtures do not do respond to the comands the
computer is doing. Could anyone let me know why this
is happening?

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Thanks everyone for your help, apparently it was the power settings in my computer that were making the interface box to not get signal...

@ Jingles. I have the Sept. 9,2010 version. Im using a Windows 7 Professional, HP Intel Celedron 1.46 GHz with a 512MB Memory on a 32-bit operating system and a videocard of 256MB, is this a good computer to run mydmx?

@ Chris Pickett & JamesS your advice work thanks a lot for your help....I appreciate it.

Also would any of you guys know why the gobos of the american dj scan 250ex fixtures are not the same to how I put them on my dmx software. For example I would put a star-gobo and it would show on the mydmx software but in the actual light it comes out to some other gobo.

If you can, I really recommend bumping your RAM to at least 1GB. The performance boost will be really great. More is better, but really, for 32-bit, anything after 4GB is wasted.

I generally speaking have been recommending at least 2GB of RAM for all XP and greater systems. 1GB is the minimum. It's a good upgrade so I definately recommend you going that way. I'd prefer a bigger vidoe card, but you can still do a ton with 256, ad you're well beyond the minimums for MyDMX, so no worries there. Processor is a bit on the slow side, so you're definately a laptop.

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