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Hi everyone,
I am in the market for DMX software but know little and am trying to learn all i can. My band has about 50 older style Par Cans, 16 huge strobes, 4 color washes, 6 intimidator moving heads, 4 lasers, 4 led-x's and plenty of other goodies. It's bascially a huge lightshow for a local bar rock band and we control it all using foot switches hoked to a pc that controls relays. (basically, i made my own dmx years ago before there was dmx).
now that dmx is around and we now own lights that have Dmx capability, i want to control them that way and get rid of the 100 50 foot extension cords that we plug in every gig.

THe MYDMX software... I love the ease of it. i was able to make it do cool stuff right of of the gate without readin anything. But i fear it may not be exapandible or powerful enought for what we want to do. some questions:

1. Can MYDMX be expanded by adding another hardware dongle, thus adding another 512 channels to the same pc?

2. I read a post on here that midi trigger assignments cannot be saved and that that feature was coming in a later version? Is that still the case? and if so, when is a new version available? Wondering how long and if i should wait.

3. I was looking at the elation line of software and it has me confused... It sounds like it will do anything i want anytime i want, which is what i want, but it looks hard to use and i see no youtube tutorials on its basic use. THat leads me to believe it may be too hard for my purposes but yet, will the mydmx software cut it for me?

I want to be able to program my lightshow and trigger scenes by using a midi foot controller much the same way that we controll our lights now (no light guy).

I appreciate any and all input and i look foward to getting our diamond in the rough lightshow to where it needs to be... doing the killer stuff it is capable of.

Thanks all!
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Welcome to the forums.
1) no. would need another computer.
2) midi triggering works fine. it should be the june 5th version that is on the my dmx product page for download.
3) i would actually recommend the elation software for you application. my dmx is a good software controller but it is a basic controller with a few advanced features. i would really look into the compu live package. and there are a few tutorials online that i have done.
also i do tech support for compu live and i have had people call me ready to return the software but i have talked to them for an hour showing them what to do and afterwards they seemed pretty happy with it. if i need too personally train you i will.
Wow...Thank you very much James (Jingles) for your response! I appreciate it very much! And WOW... how kind of you to offer personal training! I sincerely appreciate that offer and very well may take you up on that down the road. of course, I will read the manual and educate myself as much as possible before hand so as not to waste your valuable time. THANK YOU!

So i do have one more if you don't mind...

question 2: In MYDMX, i can set midi trigger assignments and save them so i don't have to reasign them over and over again?

I ask that just to be sure whether or not I need to step up to the Elation but i think i am leaning that way anyway.
thanks so much once again.

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