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Okay I don't know if these user user errors and/or software issues, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am running myDMX2 version Feb 05, 2013(13.205.4248.176) on a MacBook, 13", Aluminum, Late 2008 with a 2 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, with 4GB ram, running OS X 10.7.5

I had a setup of 6 Weidamark LED par 64's( I had built the definition for, 4 Chauvet Colorail's in 7-ch mode, 2 American DJ DJ Spot 250's and one Optima Pro dimmer pack.

The shows that I ported over from MyDMX worked fine, except for one song I coded which now has timing issues (I can live with that).

When I tried to program the DJ spots to a 10 point pattern(or any pattern) and add the pars in that is when weird things happened. I could use Scene builder and tell the spots to do the pattern and they would in the builder. I would then add that I wanted the pars to do individual sine wave patterns on the red, blue, and green channels and all was well. I then added the dimmer channel for the par and nothing would happen, it never moved. So I generated the scene. When I went to the new scene and played it, all that was working was the RGB channels. The spots moved to a single position and stopped and the dimmer channel never changed.

I then played with the Scene Builder with the spots and pars and there were times it would only build a two step scene and not do much of anything.

To test my definition of the pars, I just setup a show with a generic rgbd and it did the same with the dimmer as the Weidamark, it won't do any Fx from the Scene Builder. I also tried to do these with the dimmer check box on and off.

I also created a new show with one par and one spot. In Scene Builder I did an Fx of a circle for the spot and the sliders moved, I then added a sine wave for the red on the par. No more sliders moved. I then hit generate and all I got was a two step scene, hit play, and nothing happened except for a very small 3 point jump on the pan and tilt for the 00.040 length step.

I also created a show with the Chauvet Colorail in 26 channel mode and color matrix effect and all that changed color was the first RGB channels, the other 7 never changed.

One other thing that I have noticed is that when I click User options, all items in the drop downs greyed out and unclickable. I tried this in Setup, Editor, and Live.

Any help would greatly appreciated. Is this me or the software?
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