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i was wondering to anyone who's a little more familiar with this software for a couple hints and or tricks on Multi light function:

For example i Have 2 Chauvet Intimidator 150's i want to work in reverse pan but be controlled on the same channel

i was able to layer control for both lights but not able to reverse on of the lights

is it easier to add both lights taking up 2 full 11 channells and if so is their a way to assign control to a master...I do have a Behringer B-Control but i've yet to get that far as of yet..any help appreciated
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That is something you would most likely have to do on the fixture itself since both use the same dmx address they both will "reverse" if you do it in the program. If your fixture doesn't have the setting in it menu (Which would be weird as most chauvet fixtures do, YES I read a lot of their manuals when making profiles. haha) but really you are only saving 11 channel out of 512. Most people will have ALL of their fixtures individually addressed. In fact most large tours do this and that is why most concerts or shows have well over 10 or more dmx universes. Make sense?

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