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Ok, here goes. This question may have come up before but I cannot find it. Sorry for re-visiting if that is the case.

I have just converted my Star Cloth to DMX from manual control and now need to add it to my set. Problem 1 is that the controller is fixed to DMX channels 1-4.
Problem 2 is that I already have a PAR64 (1st of 4) starting at channel 1.

I therefore need to move the 4 PAR64s up the channel list to make room for the Star Cloth controller.

Thankfully, there is a gap between the PAR64s and the next fixtures so they are the only units which need moving.

OK, I can just shift them up the list, but this is where the problem raises its ugly head - The programmed steps in my chases DO NOT get re-addressed with the fixture profiles. They stay put. Not good.

My question therefore is:

Is there a way of moving the fixtures which will also update the fixture step data or will I need to re-program every god-damn step in my chases to make room for this new item?

I have tried to examine the saved data file but it just shows as garbage in a text editor so I cannot even manipulate the data outwith MyDMX.
That could be a nice little project for our home programmers out there.........

You comments and help would be very helpful and appreciated, but I think I already know what the answer will be...... Frowner
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Sucks that fixtures would only allow themselves to use only a certain set of addresses.

I can see your frustration and I see that as a valid point. People such as yourself or myself may buy lights, which then due to the logistics of addressing, may require additional movements of other existing fixtures to get the new ones into the universe.

I think this may be a reasonable feature request. Before you dive in too deep, are you using the latest MyDMX from the web site?

I may try this out later as I can save as my show and then tweak it a bit and see what happens.
Hi Chris,

Thanks for your reply.

I never realised that a further update had been released. Just installing on test machine now.

Unfortunately, the addressing is fixed on the Star Cloth because it was not actually meant to be used in this way. I have mod'ed the unit with instructions from the manufacturer as it uses DMX internally, hence why it is fixed addressing. You can see the mod on YouTube.

I will have a play with it over the weekend.

I agree with you that this issue should not have even arisen. The authors must have know that someone would like to shift addressing at some point in their set build and design. But they probably though everyone one was perfect so it was not required?!?!?

It is one of those higher end things. My Hog doesn't think of fixtures as addresses(aka a set of numbers), it thinks of fixtures as fixtures and doesn't care what the address is. I can program massive shows and re-address everything and the Hog will line everything up automatically.

It is much easier to code for fixtures being addresses instead of fixtures being fixtures. If you don't code right, you can cause problems/crashes real quick. There are also a lot more variables as well that can cause even more issues. This basically means a lot more R&D as well as trail/beta time before you can make a product. Simply put, it comes back to the same old saying that seems to keep popping up, you get what you pay for.
Well, not MyDMX's fault really this one, is it. I have to be fair.

This is, I suppose, a non-issue as under normal circumstances, the fixture will be re-addressable. Its purely down to the fact that this one item is fixed to addresses 1-4 and cannot be changed.

It would have been nice to be able to move fixtures about though. We are considering adding some more fixtures the same as we currently have for the set, but there is no space to insert the 22 channels needed between the existing fixtures and the next types in the set, so they will have to be placed further up the list, making programming just a tad more awkward.

I still, therefore (and I think Chris will back me on this), think that this is something that should be added.

Thanks all for your input on this one.

This seems like a relatively rare issue. A part of a lighting designers/Programmer is to plot out your addresses before you start programming and stick with it. Who's ever heard of a fixture that can only use channels 1-4 on a dmx universe? Isn't there a way to e mod he fixture to work at higher address numbers?
There are oddity fixtures out there that have fixed addresses. They are few and far between, but they are out there.

Again, its not a MyDMX or any other controller's issue so much as a fixture/designer issue. If you design a show that has those type of fixtures, you must be ready for those types of issues. If you don't want to deal with those types of issues, then design the show with different fixtures.

Some days I design a show with all Martin fixtures, others all Vari-Lite fixtures, and others still with all Elation fixtures. It is ultimately a preference, cost, and what I need out of the fixtures that determine what I use. Mostly preference, but I can fit custom gobos from a Mac 2k into a VL3500 or visa versa, which is a what I need instance. The cost instance is bang for the buck, which Elation absolutely rules right now.
Couple of issues here:

Firstly, the item in question which has raised this post was not initially designed to be used in the DMX chain. It uses a manual hand controller which happens to use the DMX protocol. There are no XLRs on the unit so what I have done is implement a simple mod to be able to link it into the DMX chain. As it was not designed to be part of that chain, there was no need to implement variable addressing, hence the addresses been fixed at 1-4.

Secondly, as this mod was only discovered in the past week, the set designs were already in place and programmed, so it was not an error on the designers (myself) part.

So, what you are telling me is that there is never a circumstance where a set has needed to be changed to add in or clean up a set layout in this type of program?

Ah well, shit happens I suppose.
'Stuff' does happen. However, being a designer and knowing this, I leave myself room. For example, you could have started all your fixtures at address 101 and left the first 100 channels of DMX for additions. I do this with consoles with one universe a lot because last minute things can quickly be added. For bigger consoles, I would get around it by just putting it into another universe or the Hog again just doesn't care.

I rarely use all 4 universes at once on the Hog, and even the it is to save on cabling and not so much that I need 2048 channels of DMX. There have been a few times where I have brought in another DP8000 (processor for the Hog which adds 4 more universes) again just for cable saving. One Cat5 to back of house gets me 4 universes back there and 4 out front then.

I guess it isn't really a designer should know as much as designer experience in this case. When I design, I know what the set is, I spec the fixtures, console, do the patching, spec all the cabling, etc. Within all that however, I leave room for changes and/or additions based on what I am using/doing.
Thanks. This is actually a smaller set up believe it or not. We only have the flown double 15" subs here instead of the ground stack double 18s (client wanted everything in the air). Likewise, it is talking head so I really don't get to have any fun.

As for the empty seats, it is just a breakout session right now. Last night and again to night, everyone will be filled.
Getting back on topic:

There are always multiple choices when adding lights.

First, since MyDMX apparently has some new issues we need to address/resolve:

PLAN AHEAD. There is no valid reason to bunch fixtures right on top of each other with no space between them. In my case, I have my fixtures addressed to be compatible with my DMX Operator in the event I need to fail-over.

Logical assignment: While this one doesn't apply to me, SerraAva provides a great example of how he assigns lights. Go find it elsewhere ehre. While it doens't work for me, it may work for you, or at least a variant of it may work for you.

Duplicating addresses: No sense in burning addresses if you don't have to. If you don't need such control, double up, triple up, whatever.

Didn't leave space? Add to the end. Ain't that hard.

The thing I am getting at is that even though I am a sound guy and not a lighting guy, I have enough experience and knowledge to know how to use some vision and plan ahead. In my current MyDMX universe, I'm happy with how things are. When I get some LED wash bars, even though it may make more logical sense to stick them near the 64 LED pros, I'm going to throw them at the end of where I need to place things. If I add more 64 LED pros, I'll double up. If I add more wash bars, I may add on or double up on addresses.
Thank you all who have repeated said that planning ahead is the key. After 23 years in this industry, I am now being told something I already have learned time after time. Thanks.

Everyone seems to be missing the point here. How the fxxx could I plan that something would come along six months after initial set design which would have FIXED ADRESSING.
I doubt there is an LD out there who could foresee and plan for that to happen.

I, like you chris, am not an LD, but a very experienced DJ with many years of DMX programming behind me. I am new to the software variant of control, but the basics are common no matter what kit you use.

This issue will probably never arise again in my remaining years on this planet (many may they be) but it has happened and I need to fix it.

I am pretty fed up now with this to the point that I am considering saying stuff this program. If I am going to have to sit and reprogram the set, I am going to move to something else instead. I am hacked off with the number of basic features which are missing from MyDMX and the fact that development has ceased so we keep getting told.

Freestyler & Entec, here I come.
Well let's look at the facts now shall we?
Facts: You already have a show programmed and addressed and working. You added a fixture that can only be addressed at the very first address on a dmx universe. Now you want to move your existing fixtures to a new address to make room for the fixture. Now you have to re program your show to allow programming for your new fixture. This is something you WILL have to do whether it be my dmx, compu live, DMX operator, Magic 260, Show designer, Chauvet board, Etc ANY other dmx controller and you would still need to do the same exact thing which is RE PROGRAM. So if you leave my dmx and go buy freestyler or Entec guess what? Your still gonna have to re program your show.
Now I understand none of us could foresee the need to have to reprogram a entire show just to fit a fixture in that will only work on a certain set of channels. So while I can understand your frustrations however they seem to be misplaced. This is not a fault of my dmx this is a fault of that fixture that will only work on dmx address 1. So let me say I hope you will decide to remain a my dmx user. but if not I understand and that choice is completely up to you.
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