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I am working on my lightshow on my home computer and then would like to transfer my lightshow over to my laptop on which I will run my show off of during my gigs.

I know I don't need to have the profiles on all computers, but what other files will i need to transfer over to my laptop to run it?

Also... Is there a way that I can create a scene on my home computer, a scene on my laptop and then combine the 2 scenes into 1 file? This would be great if i could. There are times when I can work on my lightshow at home, but there are also times that I can work on it on my laptop away from home.


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well, I've programmed about 6 different light shows so far. I got my mydmx interface by ups yesterday and going to work on it today. Let's pray for the best. I got a HS Dance on Saturday and my lights are setup for the new addresses with mydmx.

They were addressed for my 2 hardware DMX controllers.

I think all the lights are setup and addressed properly. So its a matter of my laptop just 'seeing' the interface and working with it. I'll let you know how it works out.

I know what you mean jingles. The controllers I used are preprogrammed for 12 fixtures with 16 channels assigned to each. Since I have around 15 fixtures, I had to use 2 dmx controllers, so some fixtures have the same assigned DMX addresses, but with different controllers.

I like the idea of having all my color changers together next to one another. Easier to program then. If i kept the same addressed, they would be so spread out, it would take a lot longer to program.

It's going to be nice to have control of all my lights with 1 interface. Easier to expand also as I would like to get some moving heads once school dance bookings increase in the future.


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