Mousse pad of VMS4 ?

I appreciate the last post here was a month ago and I have looked through the other forum pages but can find any further info.

Has anyone found a way of adjusting the touch pad settings individually against another mouse or touchpad (eg the pad on the laptop) as the VSM4 pad is way less sensitive than the pad on my laptop.(ie is there anyway to change the x y velocity multiplyers independently).

Also can anyone tell me what the resolution of the touch pad is as it does seem difficult to use accurately which is a shame as this was one of the big attractions to this controller over others.
I am guessing that this is not an easy thing to do. I have been looking on the internrt and there dosen't appear to be any device drivers that allow different xy multipliers to be applied separately to different devices (whatever the make or device pad,mouse,trackbal,etc). While this may be a problem with windows only allowing one multiplyier it does seem a somewhat basic thing to do in comparison to the complexity of input deviced that even the most basic systems now handle.

I shall keep looking but if anyone knows of a device driver that allows separate xy multiplications please let us know.
The mapping i use (the one made by Substraktion) makes the mousepad work fine, its not really like a laptop mousepad, but it functions.

I didn't need to install any other drivers, i just had to configure the buttons, because those weren't configured right in the first place. If you want the mousepad to work, you could try useing Substraktion's mapping.

I wouldn't really count on this tiny mousepad during live gigs or live sets, just buy a USB mouse they barely cost a thing nowadays.
Thanks for the info shyha.

I have downloaded the free trial and given it a try and it looks ideal. Will give it a go at a few gigs and if it's suitable I will buy a licence. For 7.50E its just as cheap as mouse which I didn't want anyway.

Thanks again

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