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The following fixtures are missing from the ScanLibrary:

- Chauvet Vue II
- American DJ Snapshot DMX With Dimmer
- American DJ Raider
- Chauvet HZ-1000 Ultimate Haze

The above missing fixtures are the left over DMX items I have that I'd like to add my light show. The Chauvet HZ-1000 is a fogger/haze machine.
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gonzo shoot me a email at jamesk AT elationlighting DOT com. also the raider is a s.a. light i didnt see any DMX channel for it so use the channel on a switch pack. and the snapshot also use the channel for a switch pack. if it is a one channel light that hooks into a dimmer pack then i cannot make a profile for it. you would just have to add a generic or a par to that channel. i could try though. gonzo mail me and i can elaborate more. peace! jingles.
I have a similar question, so that's why I add it here.

I would like to make my own profiles for lights, but here goes my thoughts.

Missing stuff I need:
Q-Spot 150
400-G spotlights

Also, now excuse my strangeness:
Par 38's and really any Par fixture, non-DMX
Should have a feature to specify gel and color or no gel. I would think adding the gel would require a new release of MyDMX.

Hi_Tech effects:
Specificall, Mystic, Sunray III, Electra, Rover II, Reflect, barrel Flex, Double Twist, Trilogy, Vertigo.
Mirror ball motor? Projector 150?

Don't have to be all fully rendered and animated, but I find they are needed to help design shows. Since I have to deal with band and dancing, I have to be able to deal with both. So, I have to mix the old with the new. It's not so much I need to see the show working, but rather know what I'm calling up, when where and why.

Or how about this concept:
Dimmable fixture, with being able to be named and colored/gel'ed

On/Off fixture(light the high tech effects), with ability to be named?

I mean, my other option is to run 2 DMX runs. 1 from the MyDMX box, and the other from my DMX Operator.

Remember, not all of us are on 100% DMX-controllable lights, but through dimmer, switching and relay packs, we can get there.
i can answer all this simply:
all the non dmx effects that are sound active or run on a dimmer/switch pack get assigned as a either generic 1 channel dimmer profile or a par can profile to the corresponding address on the switch pack for that light. and to add color to the pars. open the construction mode on your 3D visualiser and open the folder for the par can u wish to add a gel or color too and click on the paint bucket. and then a window will pop open and from there you will be able to select the color. add that to your custom colors and then select OK. any questions? post em here. sincerely,
Well, I'm nearly done.

I spent today making 4 profiles for my Chauvet Q-Spot 150's(which will work with the Chauvet Q-Spot as well). I'm gonna fire them up in a bit to see if I can match up the Gobo's in a while.

Making one's own profiles for fixtures isn't really super easy, but if you take some time, it can happen.

I just bought it, I should have it in a couple of weeks(with a lot of other stuff). best part: Won't take up room in the truck! Right on!
I'm finishing up.

I did 4 profiles for the Chauvet Q-Spot 150, which applies for the Q-spot as well. There are 4 different operation modes, so I had to make adjustments. Thank goodness for copy and paste!

Getting the errors fixed was a bit of a pain, but that's my own inexperience with lighting terminology. I got so frustrated that I blew out the problem settng and went step by step again. While it was a lot of extra work, it was worth it to understand how it works.

I forgot to do something today. I brought the fixture into the house with my DMX Operator and was going through the mode I prefer to use, and going through to gobos so I can try a semi-accurate picture. Would be cool if I knew enough about PhotoShop to make my own images for use with the MyDMX software, but I found stuff sufficient enough to get the job done. So, I not only put an appropriate gobo setting into the profile, but took a picture as well for reference. But, I failed to examine another area on the same fader's range, so I'll repeat the process on Friday.

The Intimidator Color profile is done. The Followspot 400G is also done.

And yes, I made myself a Par 38! Yeah! What I'd like to see are simple profiles for the "high tech effects" so we can just add them in. Don't need super animation, but it would be nice to just round it out. Complete model.

I am finding limitations within the demo version, but perhaps the purchased version coming my way soon gets around that.

I'll send those profiles off on Friday night. Should be nice and neat. Now I'm getting new ideas:
Design on my desktop since I have that resolution cranked and it's a big beefy machine. Then,just load the shows onto my laptop, which is a bit underpowered but well within specs. Just below minimum, but I won't need visualizations live at this point. I'm planning a new set of laptops soon(1 Mac Pro and 1 butt-kicker PC) so I'm good for live.

I don't see my DMX Operator leaving my rig any time soon, but I do see that if I get 1 show where I can use myDMX, I can get video of that online and pretty much guarantee more calls. Plus, I can charge for custom show design, or if they have a show designer, that guy can operate it.
I have 2 questions:
1.- how can you create a light stand on the software? i want to create my own but the demo comes up with a circle on top and stands on the side...etc i have a regular odyssey light stand

2.- if i add my lights on the DMX will i have to set up on the same order? ex: i will drag and drop like this..1-7 LED Scanner, 8-10 mega strobe, 11-17 P64 LED....will this means that i have to set up in the same exact order? or can i just mix the lights on the stand and nothing will change?
i'll answer number one when i find the file. ill let you know where it is.
so to answer number two. you most certainly do NOT! HA! no you can have them ANYWHERE u want as long as they are plugged in and addressed in the order that matches what u have on the program. so if i had a truss with 4 movers, and they were assigned at 10 channels each i could put em anywhere onthe truss or even on the floor as long as they are connected to DMX. any questions? sincerely,
I sort of agree. I'd like the objects library to be a bit more "filled out". I have a friend who does some animation and 3D stuff, so I know that modelling and rendering ain't easy stuff.

ADJ should try to put as full of an object set to match their product offerings. I'm sure right now it's just oversight. I'm positive as there is more end user feedback, R&D will release objects and profiles. Chances are, they can just open a web site that is dedicated to supporting this product.

Keep in mind, the people buying MyDMX aren't the people going out and making $9K a night for lighting. It's a cost effective solution designed forthe small guys who want the functionality of a software platform without having to make the leap to Compu Live.

I'm used to creating miracles with the wrong tools. I'm tired of it. Between my DMX Operator and MyDMX, I'm well covered. I have the right tools for the job.
ok found numbr 1.
go into the construction mode then hit add objects (is a lil 3D square box that is grey.) or if u roll over the grey box it will disply the name of it and it should say add objects. then a window will pop open. scroll down till u see the truss folder, click on the truss folder and find "stand.x" and that should be it. i believe that is what you ae looking for right? sincerely,

Hi there iv searched for a fixture profile and it doesn’t s me to be there. I have 4

Showtec expression 33000 zoom

is there any chance I’m over looking it or has there not been anything written for them.

keep up the great work and Thank you

Hi, I found the profile but it was only for our old SSL format, I've imported it as SSL2, let me know how it works, the profile is attached to this post.


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